Commodore Computer Advertising

Commodore SX64

Who's keeping up with the Commodore Executive?

Commodore 64 Annoucement (Left Page)

The Commodore 64 hit store shelfs in volume in August 1982

Note the old logo

Commodore Magazine

August 1982

Commodore 64 Annoucement (Right Page)

Commodore 64 could be the Microcomputer industry's outstanding new product since the birth of the industry - Shearson / American Express

Commodore Magazine

August 1982

C128 vs Apple IIc

C64 For $595

Compute! Dec 1982

How to Become Computer Literate

C64 vs Apple IIc vs IBM PC jr vs Atari 800XL

The PET British Advert

Britains #1 MicroComputer from Commodore

Practicale Computing December 1979

1976 KIM-1 MOS

Buy your own 6500 based KIM-1 complete microcomputer for just US$245 + a massive $4.59 for shipping and handling.

Byte Magazine April 1976 just prior to Commodores purchase of MOS Technologies

Commodore 700

Its a Picture & Its Worth a Thousand Words

Prices from 995 pounds

Commodore PET - Control for 2500 Pounds

10,000 prgrams for the Commodore PET

Practical Computing January 1981

William Shatner PET Ad

From $300 to $1995, Apple II compared to PET 4016

Commodore PET Won't End Up in the Swamp

for 450 - 2000 Pounds

PET - Sinclair Trade in Offer

This promotions resulted in Commodore having thousands of Sinclairs shipped in. They had so many they ended up using several of them as door stops in the offices.

Kit Spencer: PET Software

Kit Spencer was the driving force of Commodore UK and was the person responsible for convincing Jack Tramiel to spend vast amounts of money promoting the C64. Kit personaly planned and developed nearly all of the 64 radio and television ads.

Commodore Japan CBM4000-8000 VIC1000

The advert shows the VIC 1000 series (i.e. VIC20) and the CBM 4000 8000 PET. It makes reference to PET 2001 as well as VisiCalc and WordCraft80.

German Commodore Ad

Commodore add showing a clone laptop/portable PC produced only in/for Europe and an PET/CBM 8096 Rough Translation is:

The New & the Succesful From Commodore

A new 16-Bit MS-DOS Computer for the Enterprise with Commodores high standards...

I have no date, but I expect it is from about 1986.

Commodore Sells More Than ANYONE

TORPET Nov 1983

World of Commodore 1983

An ad. for the very first World of Commodore held in North America

TORPET Nov 1983

Commodore VIC-a-Thon

Play VIC-20 Games to raise money for the Variety Club of Toronto

Vic Modem for Use with Vic or C64

Take a good look at all the on-line services that were available at the time, including the CompuServe (which got soaked up by AOL in the late 90's) and the Commodore Information Network.

Remember that in 1995 there were only 150 HTML web pages, so BBS's 'ruled the pool' from about the time of this ad (1983) through the mid-late 1990's.

Compute! May 1983

Commodore Viccessories

Computers For Everybody... Priced for Nobody

C64 for under $600

Compute! August 1983

Commodore Magic Desk I

This product was designed with the Apple LISA in mind. Basically, it was a DOS shell that few people used. Commodore Did bring our Magic Desk II the following year.

Plus 4 - Education

Compute! Jan 1986

Plus 4 - Production

Compute! Jan 1986

Plus 4 - Recreation

Compute! Jan 1986

C128 - Thanks for the memory

C128 Bad News For IBM and Apple

How to Evolve a Higher Intelligence

Compute! Feb 1986

Commodore 128 Would Cure Apple Line Ups

Page 1

From COMPUTE! October 1985

Commodore 128 Would Cure Apple Line Ups

Page 2

From COMPUTE! October 1985

C64 and C128 S.A.T.

How to rack up SAT score points

C128 All You Need - Part 1

Compute! Jan 86

C128 All You Need - Part 2

Compute! Jan 86

Commodore 64 Software

As a support to Commodore Computer's 1983 CES software announcements.

We Promise You Won't Use The Commodore 64 More Than 24 Hours a Day - Part 1

Commodore Microcomputers Feb 85

We Promise You Won't Use The Commodore 64 More Than 24 Hours a Day - Part 2

Commodore Microcomputers Feb 85

C64 What You Get - Part 1

Commodore Microcomputers - Feb 85

C64 What You Get - Part 2

Commodore Microcomputers - Feb 85

C64 What You Get - Back Cover

Commodore Microcomputers - Feb 85

C64 Look Whats on Television Tonight

Run - March 85

Commodore Software

The Best Game in Town!

Compute ! June 1984

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