Commodore 3050 Restoration Project

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Commodore 3050 Restoration Project

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I'm brand new to the forum having only just recently picked up an old PET 4032 and 3050 disk pack. I've been working my way through cleaning and fixing issues with the PET - mainly the keyboard not working properly - and it is now functional (and a lot less dusty!) There is one issue with it that I'll post as a separate question, but other than that it's working quite well.

I've now turned my attention to the disk pack - a 3050. I've had a look inside and eeek, it is dirty, but I thought I'd do a power-on test before stripping it down. When it comes on all three LEDs flash red. If I am counting it right it appears to be a repeated sequence of seven flashes. It is hard to tell as the gap between repeats is only marginally longer than the gap between individual flashes. Is tiny gap normal, or should the be a big gap?

Looking at a service guide for the 4050 (which I *think* the 3050 is the European version of), seven flashes indicates an issue in
RAM, chips D4 and D5. Looking at the logic board, I have a UD4 and UD5, but they are statics - 2114 - so I thinks these are the right ones.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of replacement chips? I looked on eBay but there seems to be a lot of different 2114 versions available.


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