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I am pleased to announced that I am now shipping the WiModem, an internet modem for CBM computers!

The WiModem plugs into the user port of your C64, C128, SX-65, VIC-20, or Plus/4 computer. It fully emulates the standard Hayes command set. You can "dial" out to BBS's all over the world using an internet connection. Router setup is easy, supporting both manual SSID/password entry and WPS one-button setup! Firmware updates are a breeze, just enter a special AT command and the WiModem fetches the latest update and flashes itself - all without having to remove it from your computer!

Baud rates from 300 to 57600 are supported. The "UP9600" hack is built into the WiModem. The signal polarity can be changed to emulate standard polarity drivers (like V1541's 38400 baud driver).

Just plug it in, run CCGMS, Zterm, NovaTerm, etc. and you are ready to connect!


Online manual can be downloaded here:

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