Cottonwood BBS crash!

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Cottonwood BBS crash!

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The Lt Kernal hard drive that my BBS runs on crashed on me, and as a result, the BBS was down for a week or so. I successfully rebuilt the hard drive with a new mechanism, and I now have the BBS back up and running. Unfortunately, all files were lost, including messages and online game stats, but I was able to manually re-enter all users up to #53 using the last printout of applications I had made. When it crashed, there were around 70 users, so everyone over #53 will have to re-apply.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I just wanted to let everyone know that Cottonwood BBS is back up and running now. I appreciate everyone's continued support. I'll try my best to keep this from happening again by making regular backups of all system files.

Please give Cottonwood BBS a call via Telnet at!

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