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ComVEX Google+ Event

Post by ShaneRMonroe »

Hey everyone,

As the resident "media" at the show (RetroGaming Radio) I set up a Google+ Event for ComVEX. Originally I made it an "invite event" because public events CAN be abused ... well, by the public.

I've changed it to a public event; meaning anyone can comment, add photos, etc. If any abuse occurs, I'll have to moderate it. This does allow photos and media to be submitted BEFORE the show - meaning setup, packing for the show, etc. can be shared right away!

For those unfamiliar with Google+ Events and why they are so cool, I've posted sort of a flyer on Google events below. The flyer was originally discussing PRIVATE events, but most of the information is still good.

Here is the link to the event again: ... gsatthf4ao

The more people that participate, the more fun the Event ends up being!

What is Google Events?
Google Events allows us to celebrate both at our event - and online at the same time! Many people cannot make it to our events or would like to have photos of the event available after the event. With so many social networks, websites, and photo sharing places - it is easy to have lots of photos scattered all over the internet. Some people prefer to use an actual camera (digital or otherwise) and want to contribute high quality photos after the event. Google Events solves all of these things while keeping ALL photos in one easy to share place.

How Does It Work?
Google Events works on an “invite” system. Once you’re officially a “party member”, that gives you the privilege of uploading photos to the Event. This works three different ways.

Party Mode
If you have an Android device, you have access to “Party Mode”. When the event starts, your Android (Google+ app is required to be installed) will ask to go into “party mode”. If you turn this on, every photo or video you shoot will MAGICALLY upload directly to the Event in progress. This allows those unable to attend to “see the party through your eyes”. If you can, this is the best way to do it.

Manual Upload
If you do not have an Android device or just prefer to be a little more in control, you can choose to upload photos manually during the Event. They still show up right away on the Google Event online.

After Party Upload
If you use a real camera and not your phone or tablet and still want to contribute to the Google Event’s photo archive - you can do so after the Event is over. You can do this from your computer; just sign into Google+, go to the event - and hit the upload button. They will go right to the Event photo area. No need to send them to anyone, give Mr. Monroe a CD. All automated.

What You Need to Do
Participating couldn’t be easier - no matter how you plan to shoot photos and videos of the event. Doing these BEFORE the event will get you partying faster!

Accept the invitation. You cannot participate in ANY WAY without accepting the Google Event invite.
Invite others. Once you accept, you can invite OTHERS to the Event - like friends and family. Even if they don’t go, by accepting they can see your pictures as they are uploaded! Plus, if they are invited - THEY can take pictures and send them up during the event too! The more the merrier!
Install Google+ on your mobile device. This app is free and is available on Google Play and the App Store. You’ll need this installed to be able to use PARTY MODE or MANUAL UPLOAD during the event. If you plan to do AFTER PARTY UPLOAD, this step is optional.
Enable Party Mode. When you get to the event, if you have an Android device, you will be prompted to go into Party Mode. You must enable this if you want your photos and videos to upload directly to the Event as you take them. We really encourage this. Apple devices can only do MANUAL UPLOAD during the event.

Take your pictures and videos! Have a blast. Don’t let being a photographer get in the way of having a good time and enjoying yourself.
Turn off Party Mode (Android). Party Mode should shut off when the Event ends, but be safe and shut it off when you leave the event. This prevents accidental non-Event photos from going to the Event photos.

Upload your photos. If you weren’t in Party Mode you probably didn’t submit all your photos manually at the Event; or if you used a real camera, you needed to dump your photos off your camera. Log into Google+ and visit the Event. There will be a button that says UPLOAD PHOTOS. Send them to us!

Here are some helpful tips.

* Use Party Mode if you can. It makes those that can’t make it have a good time.
* Bring a spare battery (or portable power) to the event as your device may drain quickly while doing all this partying.
* Keep videos to a minute or less. This will make it faster for them to appear on the Event site.
* If you have an actual camera, bring that too. Mobile devices are fun, but real cameras still take better pictures and we love to have both quick fun shots and HQ photos for the archives.
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Re: ComVEX Google+ Event

Post by Salmacis »

Very cool plan. Thank you for connecting CommVex globally, Shane.
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Re: ComVEX Google+ Event

Post by ShaneRMonroe »

Okay everyone. ALL my media has been posted including several long videos (them things takes a while to upload to that ol' internet).

Remember, you can add your own too! If you took pictures, videos - feel free to share them!

Another reminder, you can quickly and easily download ALL the photos and videos in one easy shot: ... gsatthf4ao

Click the DOWN ARROW on the top right and hit DOWNLOAD ALBUM.