60 Pgs w/Pictures & Half Page Descrption Every 1984 Comp

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60 Pgs w/Pictures & Half Page Descrption Every 1984 Comp

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Just a great book in .PDF format at the bottom of: http://www.commodore.ca/gallery/magazines/magazines.htm

If contains a buyers guide and comparison table along with about half page of text and photo's of every computer available in 1984.

Micro-Computer Catalogue 1984 Huge 60 Pages
http://www.commodore.ca/gallery/magazin ... e_1984.pdf

Atom, VIC-20, BBC Micro, Lynx, Dragon 32, Sinclair ZX81, Spectrum, TI -99, TRS-80, Genie I & II, NewBrain, Cortex, Apple II, Commodore 4000, 8000, 500, 700, Epson HX20, HP75C, HP86, Osbonrne 1, Mimi, Galaxy II, Kaypro, RML and soooooooo much more

We also added a very nice KIM-1, KIM-3B, KIM-4, KIM-5 and KIM-6 4 page brochure: http://www.commodore.ca/gallery/brochur ... ure_sm.pdf
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