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We're Back Baby!

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 2:37 pm
by administrator
After 3 weeks of intermittent access, we are stable again.

I am truly sorry for the series of outages. The problem was rooted with our previous host, GoDaddy.

I have used GoDaddy and been a reseller of theirs for 15 years and while problems have arisen periodically I have always been able to work through them. This time however, I changed nothing and the sites dropped, which either means an automatic update blew up, we were hacked or GoDaddy's servers choked. I am more than qualified and experienced with webservers, WordPress and phpBB but after working on this for days I hired two different companies, including Securi to validate the sites and they found nothing.

I was left with the daunting task of migrating failed sites from one host to another after I spent a day figuring out which host would best fit our needs. In the end InMotionHosting came up the winner. I started getting the sites migrated about 10 days ago but kept hitting show-stopper problems, all of which I worked through and I thought I was near done. Then a few days ago, I found InMotion had not given us a static IP address. I asked them about it and unlike GoDaddy, they removed our DHCP address crashing all the sites again and for some reason even required new SSL certificates. After I blew another 8 hours of that mess (which should have been 5 minutes), I was down to this forum still being intermittent. The solution was an upgrade, which was completed yesterday and now all is well.

I still have bits to complete like security and caching changes with CloudFlare but I believe all of our sites should stay functional and be happy from now on.

On a bright note, I paid a lot more for hosting (several times the price of GoDaddy) and as a result the sites and this forum respond MUCH faster, so hopefully you enjoy the performance improvements.

Thank you and enjoy:
- www.Commodore.ca
- www.Commodore.ca/commodore-arcade
- www.Commodore.ca/forum

Re: We're Back Baby!

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:39 pm
by rbernardo
Thanks for the news update. I was wondering what was happening.