Fully Renovated & RUN and ReRUN Magazines Added

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Contact: Fully Renovated & RUN and ReRUN Magazines Added

Post by administrator » has been fully renovated. Hundreds of links, graphics, articles and more have been refreshed or added along with a whole new look for 2019. We have even restructured our menu system.

Many of the new pages appear in a large list of new content on the home page. That is only a partial list as many more pages have been added than would fit on that list, but those are some of the more interesting ones.

We also added ALL of the Transactor, RUN and ReRUN magazines (and their ROMs!) under our new MAGAZINES menu at the top of the site.

To our knowledge every broken link, spelling mistake, and problem graphic has been resolved with only 150 hours of work... yes that is supposed to be funny although it was not very funny for me.

All of the text has been revised and updated for 2019 including many places showing the equivalent dollars in today's numbers. For instance the Commodore 64 was released in 1982 for $595 dollars and that is the equivalent of $1250 today.

We have three things remaining:

1 - Re-code the Arcade page to work without Adobe Flash because Flash is dying - should happen by the end of 2018
2 - Write a few new People pages for people like Bil Herd - Likely early in 2019
3 - Add a pile more content, interviews and graphics that we have built up in recent years but have not had the time to work on - Likely summer 2019

Commodore may have invented the Personal Computer and may been the biggest PC company on the planet but others, like Apple, have been left to write the history and they are frequently taking Commodore's credit so it is important to keep the history and origin stories factual and known.

Thanks for reading and participating in the Commodore community.
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