Many New Pages and Re-Writes

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Many New Pages and Re-Writes

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We are again refreshing the site and have thus far completed the Commodore 64 page and have 80% of the work done on the VIC-20 and KIM1 pages. We have also added the following pages:
see home page for links to:
Note that most of these pages existed in some form previously but were difficult to find and not well formatted.

The Crazy Story of How Irving Gould Ended Up Owning and Killing Commodore
Commodore 64 Prototype From 1982
1985 Computer Peripherals of the Future: Compact Disks, Laser Disks, LCD Screens, Laser Printers & Robots
Commodore VIC-20 & C64 Swedish Peripherals Brochure
Commodore 64 Software Guide – 1984
What is Machine Language Series By Jim Butterfield 1982
What is CP/M and Who Was Gary Kildall?
CP/M & Tiny Basic
What is Telecomputing – 1983
1985 Computer Comparison of Apple II, Atari 400 & 800, C64, PET, VIC20, Exidy, IBM PC, TRS80 and More
How to Add Commands to Your Commodore 64 Basic 2.0
Commodore Peripheral Devices: Slot Expanders, Modems, Printers
Commodore 64 Expansion Ports Explained
Computers Using The MOS 6502 CPU
Commodore 64 Design Case History
Commodore Bankruptcy – Associated Press 1994
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Re: Many New Pages and Re-Writes

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who all think that people still look forward to these configurations?
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