MANY New Commodore Related Video Interviews

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MANY New Commodore Related Video Interviews

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Thanks to Robert Bernado's video work and 1.5 solid days of editing and converting by, we now have a substantial amount of videa content posted from the Computer History Museum's: Impact of the Commodore 64.

Note that many of these files are large and we only have a limited amount of bandwidth. As such I recommend that you RIGHT CLICK ON THE APPROPRIATE LINK AND SELECT "SAVE TARGET AS" to download the files to your computer rather than having them run through your browser

Bil Hurd - Commodore C128, Plus/4, Early Days
Bil Hurd - Everyone Worked for Jack Tramiel
Bill Lowe - Father of the IBM PC
Jack Tramiel - Atari Deal, Amiga Chips, Irving Gould
Jack Tramiel - MOS Technology was Critical
Jack Tramiel - Commodore History His Own Words
Jack Tramiel - Commodore History - Interview
Steve Wozniak - Tries to Sell Apple to Commodore

NOTE: In a few weeks/months I will resort these videos into the appropriate sections of our video page.
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