RUN & The Transactor Magazines NOW AVAILABLE

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RUN & The Transactor Magazines NOW AVAILABLE

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I finally blew 8 hours and got 100% of THE TRANSACTOR magazines, books and files posted in searchable .PDF's a few days ago and today I blew another 6 hours loading all 100ish editions of RUN Magazine.
Thanks to Max Polaris for scanning and sending these to us. :)
I cannot recall who sent this to me, but I did not do the initial scan and conversion of RUN. I did clean up a few issues and optimize them for web delivery.

I hope to get all of the RE-RUNs posted this month, but we are very busy these days so it may take more time.

Remember that if you click on one of the covers it will start downloading the magazine and may lock up your browser until it is done. As such, it is better to RIGHT CLICK and select SAVE TARGET AS to pull down the file.
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