New Books! Commodore The Early Years & Commodore Amiga Years

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New Books! Commodore The Early Years & Commodore Amiga Years

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Our old friend and author Brian Bagnall is producing TWO new Commodore Books:

Commodore: The Early Years
Commodore Amiga Years

Brian's Kickstarter campaign has been a huge success so far so take a look at it and provide your support for an accomplished Commodore author by purchasing his new books at:

Take a look at Brians promo video for the new Amiga book: ... 4_high.mp4
Hello! I’m Brian Bagnall and I want to tell you the story of Commodore during the Amiga years. Commodore produced my favorite computers in the eighties and for years I waited for someone to write a book about those incredible times. Strangely, it seemed like publishers were only interested in talking about Apple, Microsoft and IBM. It’s time to give the Commodore Amiga some credit as the first commercially successful multimedia computer.

Take a journey from Amiga's beginnings in 1982 to when Commodore filed for bankruptcy in 1994. Dozens of brilliant and motivated engineers produced a computer with graphics, sound and multitasking capabilities years ahead of Apple and IBM. A lot happened in that decade, and this book will describe to you the most relevant parts in a definitive history of the Amiga story and Commodore’s final descent..."
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Re: New Books! Commodore The Early Years & Commodore Amiga Years

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Thanks, it's very interesting!
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Re: New Books! Commodore The Early Years & Commodore Amiga Years

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Just wanted to post an update on the progress of the book. Since the Kickstarter ended, the number of interviews has grown to over double the original dozen that was planned. This has resulted in a lot more information to go through, over 500 pages of transcribed interviews to be exact, which has also doubled the development time needed. This is all good though! The story will be much more complete and hopefully interesting for it.

Time wise it is hard to predict exactly when it will be done. It seems like a monumental task at the moment and how long it takes will be dependent on how good I am at pushing the delete key and keeping only the central relevant information. All I can say is sacrificing quality in order to rush the book out quicker is not an option and I will do everything to make sure you are blown away by the book when it is finished in 2016!

Happy New Year to everyone in the Commodore community!
Read the story of Commodore in print.
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