Looking for C128DCR

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Looking for C128DCR

Post by Kreissack »

So, I only JUST found out - after about 20 years of looking for one of my own - that my childhood computer was NOT some obscure version of the C64 that nobody seemed to have heard of, but actually a Commodore 128, which apparently only I'D never heard of. I did a bit more digging, and found out that it was either a C128D - unlikely, because I'm in Virginia and that was a European release - or a C128DCR. So, I'm trying to get one of those for myself, maybe start rebuilding my childhood game collection, and I swear it's like the bloody things don't exist when I try searching ebay and the like.

So, I'm hoping maybe someone here can help point me in the right direction? This is my first time trying to hunt down any kind of obscure retro tech, so I'm very, VERY lost on this one. I don't mind if it's something I've got to put some work into, replacing some parts and the like, so long as I can get everything for a relatively reasonable price and get it all put back together. Any tips would be VERY much appreciated.

On an unrelated note, I'm trying to remember one of the games I had from it, though my memory of the time is VERY fuzzy, I remember playing as some purple monster or the like that reminded me of that big dude from the McDonald's ads, going through some kind of spooky mansion? Probably no help atall, but there ya go.
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