FINAL II CARTRIDGE + English user manual

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FINAL II CARTRIDGE + English user manual

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Final II It is designed for computer Commodore C64 and C-128 (in C-64 mode) and extends their capabilities with the following features:

1.BASIC Toolkit - extending the language with new orders AUTO, DE, OLD, KILL, MON, RENUM, FIND.
2.DISK Toolkit - simplification station operating with new orders DLOAD, DSAV, DOS, DOS "$, DAPPEND and 6-times faster loading and saving programs.
3.TAPE Toolkit - Support TURBO additional APPEND command.
4.PRINT Toolkit - automatic Centronics output support, support different types of printers.
5.MONITOR - Monitor with orders assemble, disassemble, COMPARE, FILL GO HUNT, LOAD MEMORY, PRINT, OUTPUT REGISTER SAVE TRANSFER EXIT monitor disk and all disk commands.
6.KEY Toolkit - Supports function keys - orders LIST MONITOR, RUN OLD, DLOAD, DSAV, DOS "$ DOS.
7.FREEZER - interrupt the program with the ability to use commands DSAVE, SAVE, RESET, HARDCOPY, PRINT, disabling collision sprites.
8.RAM DISK - orders MW and MR allow the use of 24 kB placed in areas ROMs.


Price(Final II + user manual ) 25 EUROS + tracked shipment 5 EUROS Worldwide +5% Paypal fee or as a gift.
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