bit patterns for partitions on a 1581

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bit patterns for partitions on a 1581

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Hey, does anybody have a book explaining the 1581 Internals? Do you want to sell it? I have already gone through several of Immers and Neufeld's INSIDE COMMODORE DOS books (those things tend to fall apart a lot).

In what way is a "partition" different from any other bit pattern? Is there a little bit of GCR to MFM finagling going on, as I guess is probably the case?

Is there a physical limit to the number of partitions you can put on a 3.5 inch diskette? Is it less than 65,535? If it is 12 bits wide, is it significantly less than 4,095?

Is there a quick and easy way of rewriting some of the partition marks (rather than all of the partition marks, effectively reformatting the entire diskette)?
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