antimatirial creations example c:/ferrari.exe

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antimatirial creations example c:/ferrari.exe

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This subject is major and very vital...only the ones who have the faith and the emotions of tolerance will accept and comprehende this vital issue...the story is simple supose you have the keyboard without the mouse and the operating system starts with dos 3.0 of our fair company to play with antimattirial and bring the matter you have forstly t be sure that you have a.i. enabled on the computer such creation first discovered by the formation of rom memory and with the perfect combination and calculation of the simply...the power is on the pc start to calculate the rom firstly 64 then 128 then 256 then 512 last the 640 of the total memory...the echo sound is very vital the diskette of 5 1/4 load and our antimattirial board is been initiated...the pc has ackqknowllege it existance the version of the dos is printed on the green old screen and it is ours...amazing indeed...the very next step is for the user to has caclulate and define the sensor frequency ...this procedure is unknown to most and very common users as the decoder of the phone (a divice like the modem of the first contact with the internet was)this is still unknown and i dont believe with the modern aspect of everything to be s.m.a.r.t. and profitable is going to been appeared in the future...the procedure of creating is just edit it is cls (3enter) and our it is going to be in the form of a:/edit 3e or b:/edit 3e or c:/edit and the user starts to describes as open and with his most imagination limit as the sky is unapproachable....for instance a ferrari is a red fast car made in italy toatl lixurius great horse power and no storrage room for the driver and his girl...end 3e ... run 3e... sae often with the kataliksys of executable file or commandment one or other wich i might not knowing...the car is there it has been created in the very moment of the execution of the file but how to bring it to matter i shall not tell it neither because of my not knowing how to mattirilize it(i have created much more creations than a car) or because i might ton want to because simply there is not anymore the original version of the dos anymore in the market...few words for the antimattirial it works why and what for...have a lovely new week from the hot athens i sent you my best reguads and i hope one day to leave the parraga once more out of our life and create or i might say to simply edit formation...note...without the phone or the decoder we would never had this conversation
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