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New PET game - Candy Conquer

Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 2:14 am
by milasoft
Candy Conquer

This game was written in machine language for the Commodore PET series computer.

There are versions for the Commodore PET 2001, 3032, 3032B, 4016, 4032, and 4032B.

You use the 4 and 6 Keys to move and A to fire. P will pause and U will un-pause. The object of the game is to shoot all of the candy while not running out of bullets. Birds will come down and try to gobble up your bullets.

Based on the arcade game - Carnival.

The level ends when all candy is shot, regardless of if Bonus letters or birds are left on the screen. Shoot B-O-N-U-S in order to top up bullets and receive bonus points.