Rare Commodore PET 2001 S in Japan!

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Rare Commodore PET 2001 S in Japan!

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Good Day;

Someone just contacted us with a photo of a Commodore PET 2001 "S" in a Japanese thrift shop with a custom label from a company named Systems Formulate Corporation. To gain more information about it, we added it to RARE HARDWARE collection (first photo on the second row of https://www.commodore.ca/commodore-gall ... -hardware/).

If you have any information on this machine or on Systems Formulate, please pass it along here.

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Re: Rare Commodore PET 2001 S in Japan!

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Wow that's different looking. Black screen mask, blue label, black tape drive.
And it looks like there's a built in ledge on the label area to set a book on.
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