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1994-08-05 4992 b5c8-2.iqs
1994-05-14 2036 b5c8-2.readme
1994-08-05 5248 b5c8-2e.iqs BYE terminal program in SQUEEZE format. See also the readme file for the required C128 patches.
1994-05-14 49920 bye128.lbr
1994-05-14 840 bye128.readme BYE128 - C=128 CP/M terminal program
1994-08-05 23168 bye1670e.lbr
1994-05-14 808 bye1670e.readme BYE1670E - C=128 CP/M terminal program
1994-08-05 12288 c128bye.ark C-128 BYE for PBBS on A: drive


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