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would like to thank Rene van Belzen who did such a wonderful job of copying this document from its original paper source.   You can see his version HERE.

IF you wish to reproduce any of this content,  please contact him directly.

System Guide / Users Guide / Owners Manual

Commodore 128 Personal Computer


Welcome to the totally renewed html version of the Commodore 128 System Guide. I have prepared for you a comprehensive guide for the Commodore 128 computer, published by Commodore Business Machine, Inc. in 1985. To enter, follow the ENTER animated graphic above.

I have included all sample programs in both readable ASCII text and executable binary form. See the section List of Programs for an overview.   For those who prefer an e-text version, can download the ZIPped e-text file at this WWW location. You can unzip the archive using an utility like PKUNZIP.

If you have ANY comments, questions, or if you want to thank me :-) for all the good work, just send an e-mail.

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