Commodore Free issue 54 (fwd)

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Commodore Free issue 54 (fwd)

Postby rbernardo » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:38 pm

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From: nigel parker
Date: Tue, October 4, 2011 2:16 am

ALSO AS AN RTF FILE to download from the website

Commodore Free Magazine

Issue 54

Free to download magazine
dedicated to Commodore computers.
Available as PDF, HTML, TXT, SEQ,
D64 disk image and now as
ePUB and MOBI e-book.


* Editorial
- 8 Bit Jungle music disk for Amiga
- Dave Haynie - Insights
- SCACOM News From Stefan
- Chang's Adventure [Enhanced]
- Diamond Hunt
- Club Info 123 Released
- Commodore File browser
- Commodore 2MHz Accelerator
- Amiga SD Card Adapter
- New articles on Obligement
- Mail Order Monsters
- Regenerator 1.2 Released
- A-Eon Updates
- Timberwolf Progress Update
- Sidplay64 v0.7 released
- XSidplay 2.1.1 21:27
- Drum Studio
* Interview With Chris (Kisiel)
* Review: Diamond Hunt 2
* Review: Heroes of Midgard

Nigel Parker

Commodore Free Magazine
Commodore Computer club U.k.

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