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  • by Ian Matthews
  • onOctober 29, 2018

In 1984 Amiga Was The Only Good News

In 1984 Amiga Was The Only Good News At the end of 1984 a small startup named Amiga Inc has developed some amazing technology but is near bankruptcy.  Amiga took a one month, $1M loan from the new owner of Atari, Jack Tramiel.  He tried to use the loan as a wedge to buy the company for $.98 […]

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VIDEO: Please Help The People of Fort McMurray Alberta Canada – City on Fire

In the unlikely event you have not heard about the devastating wild fire in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada, please take 3 minutes to watch this summary of the events of May 3 to 6, 2016. The town has been devastated in what is Canada’s largest and most expensive disaster. This happened so quickly most of […]

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  • by Ian Matthews
  • onMay 25, 2013
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Status Update: Migration To New Platform

We started the migration from the old HTML & ASP based to the new WordPress site back in January 2013 and as you can see we are making some serious progress.  Now that the core of the site is up we plan to make this the primary site in the coming weeks and start to […]

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